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About Us


M 13 Studio

With over 30 years of experience in producing high quality massive wood products, our company started as a traditional entity, being a family business, and at the moment it is producing all types of furniture, inside and outside doors, stairs, wood panels and all sorts of other elements made of massive and stratified wood.

The advantages of custom furniture

The beneficiaries of M13 Design Studio furniture solutionsfirst of all want unique quality products, in harmony with the personality of their home, with a long life durability. Custom furniture represents the main option inredecorating or furnishing homes, as it guarantees a unique result, with a custom design according to the clients’ wishes and requirements. Durability is one of the essential qualities of the M13 Design Studio custom furniture, provided by choosing the highest quality materials and identifying the best manufacturing and assembly solutions.

Also, we grant a fundamental importance to respecting the environment during the process of manufacturing, trying by all means to reduce the impact on nature and the losses of raw material. Custom furniture represents the best solution for clients with personality, who desire a personalized home, in which all the functional and decorative elements are combined in a balance of utility and a visual harmony, clients which are at the same time, aware of the unique character of the manufactured products.

We are a young team and we offer our clients ideas and solutions for any type of space. We design the furniture in 3D format and provide a clear vision of the final design. We offer personalized counseling to each and every client and, depending on their preferences, we manufacture unique products. We respect all our clients and treat each project with maximum seriousness, regardless the value and furniture ordered.

The main services provided by M13 Design Studio in order to guarantee the customers’ satisfaction are the following:


  • Personalized counselling regarding the work the client desires to order: we offer suggestions and preliminary sketches in order to perfectly combine design and space optimization.
  • Precise measurements: we take the exact measurements before manufacturing the desired furniture or elements.
  • Design: we provide the final design based on the preliminary sketches and measurements. We always start from the client’s idea, which we eventually develop, adapt and, when necessary, improve, up to the final product.
  • Free delivery in Craiova


Our Services


Our Skills

The quality of the products and raw materials used, the professionalism of the solutions provided, the modern, latest generation equipment we work with, creativity, high attention to details, flexibility and,last but not least, the innovative ideas and modern vision specific to the M13 Design Studio team, are all the main reasons for which clients always come back with confidence.

The final product is a unique one, chosen by the client and carefully developed in our studio with high respect for each client and for their requirements and needs.