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Alexandru Robert Vladut

M 13 Studio Structure

The Structural department of M13 Design Studio is operated from 2 offices located in Bucharest and Craiova,  where supported by our staff we tackle all the design requirements of our projects.

At this moment our team has 6 engineers with more than 60 years of experience together in bringing new developments to successful conclusion. Our projects vary from oil&gas, industrial, commercial to retail and public buildings. We are experienced in designing reinforced concrete, precast concrete, composite and steel structures. 

We can assist with providing comments, support, advice and submissions for the purpose of realizing development. Clients will also benefit from the knowledge of Engineers experienced in the structural design of buildings in the different activity sectors, utilizing the most appropriate methods of design and construction, sympathetic to modern and historic structures. As civil & structural engineers in Central and Southern Romania, our focus is on quality, innovation and commitment to our clients.


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