Resistance Structures

Resistance Structures


Resistance Structures

We offer design and consulting services in the field of resistance structures, offering fast and efficient solutions both from a technical and economic point of view. We have the ability to innovate and present new solutions and technologies in construction (new materials, prefabrication, post-stretch reinforcement, carbon fiber, etc.).

We pay attention to the client’s requirements and by modeling the structures in specialized calculation and modeling programs we optimize the material consumption and simplify the execution details. We use BIM for modeling and detailing reinforced concrete and metal structures. We design FEM with dedicated software for streamlining structures.

We are ready to approach complex projects and carry them out professionally. The accumulated experience in the residential, industrial, oil & gas and commercial fields guarantees the delivery of the appropriate economic design solutions by comparing several structural systems.

In addition, we offer research and development services in the field of structures and consulting and technical assistance on site.


Our Team

Robert Vladut

Chief Structural Officer

Theodor Stiuliuc

Head of Structural Design

Daniel Mocirt

Structural Engineer

Mare Antonia

Structural Engineer


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